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Middle-aged man with black hair and facial hair with arms crossed flash photograph in vintage style

Chris Andrade, Founder, Photographer

                                                                                 An idea and a passion...

        That's how View Stream Photography was born, right here in local Colorado Springs. A very long time ago back in the '80s, I took a simple photography course. Little did I know that one class would have such a lasting effect on my life. That one class planted a seed that would grow and blossom into something beautiful. It didn't take long to realize I had a love for photography, the subtle shadows, the intrigue, the stories a single image can tell. That seed has grown over years to practice and research, now, it's grown into a beautiful gift I can share with others. I am proud to be known as a Colorado Springs photographer.


        My name is Chris Andrade, retired Army combat veteran, creator, and sole owner of View Stream Photography. My passion for photography began many years ago when I first took a class during my high school years. Since then I have expanded my knowledge and experience exponentially. What started as a fun hobby quickly grew into a full-blown business of professionalism. It didn't take long to be recognized as a photographer in Colorado Springs. Up to now, I've been fortunate enough to have the honor of my photographs being displayed in both The Agora Gallery New York City and the BBA Gallery in Berlin Germany. 

        The more I took photographs the more I was drawn to the ability photography has to empower others. It offers a view that others see without our self-image or self-limits impacting it. The more I continued down this path the more I became aware, Glamour Photography was my niche. Glamour photography focuses on the individual, their personality, their beauty, their power. 

        It wasn't long before my photography started to bleed into other realms, fashion, family, couples, engagements, events, and weddings. In each shoot I found myself drawn to the glamour of the moment. Men and women, you ARE powerful. It's captivating! I find beauty in all people and my focus has become truly being able to capture that. The raw power of athleticism or subtle beauty and innocence of a senior portrait. I photograph people, show them what others see, crush walls of doubt and self-esteem. I would love to put my years of experience to work for you.

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