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How much should I charge?

How much should I charge? A question every beginning photographer has asked themselves.

For the longest time, I would spend hours trying to evaluate my own work, my gear, my energy and effort. Everything from my heart and soul that I would pour into a photo session. Why? Just to plan and figure out how to price my work. I believe that most photographers begin struggling to price their efforts just simply due to a lack of experience. A lack of confidence? maybe. Simply put, its something we all go through. So, I wanted to try and save everyone else the same turmoil I put myself

How much should I charge

through and sat down to create a tool that any photographer can use. A robust tool that will not only take into account the camera body you're using, but the wear and tear that usage has on our systems. A tool that will auto calculate each shutter click of your camera into dollars and cents. A simple and straight forward tool that anyone could utilize even if they aren't a computer guru. So, the seed was planted, the idea was born.

Some time and effort went into thinking out what would need covered and calculated. Formulas and math. So much brain power *sips coffee*, it gave me a headache. Although, in my effort I created a tool that not only will help others but so focused that I utilize it myself! I present to you Photo Session Calculator! Yes! PSC for short.

PSC is an amazing tool that I am now offering for sale on my store. My first item designed to aid other photographers and simplify their own methods. Imagine being able to print out a itemized list of every bit that went into your price....and not having to do all the math that goes along with it. I was no different, but my struggle is now over. PSC has made it easy. I hope that my struggles will help you in the end.

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